Monday, November 12, 2012

Dumaguete 101 - A Primer

I had been in Dumaguete for quite some time now and I tell you - I really love this place! Loving the people, food, fun, climate, and the festivals so much that I invited my friends from Mindanao and abroad to come and visit Dumaguete.

The Rizal boulevard is so far the most iconic place in Dumaguete. Along its stretch are restaurants, hotels, and bars which are flocked both by tourists and the locals. Truly relaxing and enticing. The boulevard, shades of the century-old acacia trees, and the green grounds always inspire me to write about just anything with gusto.

The food? You got to believe this!There are many restaurants in the city which some are reasonable but most are appetizingly affordable. People here in Dumaguete loves to celebrate life through food and music. That is why, there are so many restaurants and bars in all corners of the city.

And how about education in Dumaguete? Well, how about Silliman, Foundation, NORSU, St. Paul, and many other high schools and training centers? Dumaguete is every student's haven. Affordable food, lodging, education, transportation, fun, name it and you got it. :-)

*YAWNS* It's so late in the evening now.. Got to sleep now because tomorrow is yet another big day! Be posting more about Dumaguete and please drop me an email if you want to suggest a topic. :-) [ epcatacutan @ gmail . com ]